Colors in Environments

      flower gardens and landscaping solutions for Texas

Since 1984, Colors in Environments has been transforming Texas, one garden at at time.

Working alongside residential and commercial clients to create healthy, verdant surroundings for homes and businesses, we have honed our craft in harsh summers and frigid winters.

Learning from our environment and evolving to meet the challenges of changing times, we enable our clients to have beautiful gardens that are xeric, deer-resistant and resilient.

We live and work in the Austin area and deeply understand our Central Texas weather patterns and water realities.  We prefer using natural materials and organic solutions.  What is best for the environment is also the safest choice for your land and your family.

Let us help you realize the gardens, lawns and landscapes you envision for your home or business.

Contact Susan Cook to discuss your garden and landscaping needs.

                                               We look forward to working with you.